Look better. Feel better. Live better

Custom made spinal braces for adults living with scoliosis

We know that living with scoliosis can be hard.

For many older adults, their scoliosis can cause discomfort or pain, and affect their body appearance and ability to do some everyday things.

For younger adults, while their scoliosis may not cause them pain, it may affect posture and body cosmetics, and they don’t want it to progress and impact further on their life.

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With ScoliBrace, and its unique 3D approach to bracing, you can now look, feel and live better.

Some key benefits:


ScoliBrace can be used for Adult Scoliosis originating from a pre-existing adolescent scoliosis, or for the development of scoliosis in adulthood (De Novo Scoliosis).

Custom Designed

Each ScoliBrace is custom designed for the individual based on body scans, x-rays and posture photos. It is then fitted for that patient, to ensure a tailored treatment approach.

Easy to Wear

ScoliBrace opens and closes at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance. Most ScoliBraces designed for adults are low profile designs, that are nearly invisible under clothing

Why choose ScoliBrace?

Adult scoliosis patients may only need to wear the ScoliBrace part-time each day to get results. These may include:

Manage your curve

Slow or stop progression of curves

Reduce your pain

Reduce pain and improve balance

Improve your posture

Improve posture and body appearance

Live a better life

Enhance quality of life

Could ScoliBrace help you?

ScoliBrace is only available through certified clinics and trained providers, so you can have confidence that any treatment is in good hands