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ScoliCare is a resource for patients, their families and healthcare professionals to learn about scoliosis, how to effectively diagnose it and discover the latest treatment techniques available. Need Help?Free Online Check

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For Parents and Patients with Scoliosis

ScoliCare are dedicated to providing advice and support to scoliosis patients & their families

For Adults with Scoliosis

Adults can also be affected by scoliosis. Depending on the situation,  treatments are available.

Learn About Scoliosis Treatments

Scoliosis is a complex condition. No single treatment has proven to be suitable for every patient.

Healthcare Professional Support

We work with health professionals in all fields to help achieve the best results for scoliosis patients.

What Are The Best Scoliosis Treatments?

The right treatment for scoliosis is determined by many factors. The most important thing to understand is that everyone patient is unique and therefore their treatment must also be customised.

Recent News

[Blog] – Who should I see first about my Scoliosis?

A common question that patients often ask when they find out that they have a scoliosis is “who should I see first about my scoliosis?”. There are lots of health professionals that offer advice about scoliosis. Some have general training that touches on scoliosis,...

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[Blog] – Is Scoliosis a cause of Pain?

It might seem obvious that a bent or twisted spine would be painful, right! However, doctors and other health professionals are taught that scoliosis (a spine that is twisted) is usually not painful. Until recently there has not been much research into the link...

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