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Scoliosis is a complicated condition

Our training and seminars aim to increase the level of understanding for Health Professionals  around Scoliosis so as to get patients the right treatment at the right time.

Evidence based

Current seminar content
with up to date research


Real life case studies, with
live patient demonstrations


Relevant practical and clinical information for spinal health professionals working with scoliosis patients

Multidisciplinary Speakers

Various speakers from multi-disciplines
for varied audiences


Insightful and thought provoking content, challenging common misconceptions about scoliosis

Success oriented

Key techniques you can use
immediately in your clinic


Dr Katie H.
Dr Katie H.

Just top notch stuff here, BEST most easy to follow seminar I've ever attended and I've attended a lot of seminars - 2-3 yr for 15 years! Thank you.

Dr Luke B.
Dr Luke B.Chiropractor

Best value seminar offered to healthcare practitioners. You can use all piece of gold obtained from the seminar
first thing Monday morning.

Marianne A.
Marianne A.Physiotherapist

Very interesting. Practical. Excellent presentation by all presenters. Learnt a lot!

Dr Karen P.
Dr Karen P.Chiropractor

It was a highly informative, interesting seminar. Presenters were highly engaging.

Mr F
Mr FExercise Physiologist
I found the course extremely beneficial. I learnt more in two days about scoliosis and spinal alignment than in my entire degree!
Dr Stephanie L.
Dr Stephanie L.Osteopath

Absolutely recommend this seminar due to it’s relevance to Osteos!

Dr Doug H.
Dr Doug H.Chiropractor

This is not a seminar I thought I would need. But I found the whole seminar can be applied to everything I have ever learned

Rom P.
Rom P.Exercise Physiologist

Excellent, very informative, well presented. Gained significant knowledge.

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