ScoliScreen: An online screening tool for the signs of scoliosis

Simple screening
for Scoliosis

ScoliScreen is a free web-based screening tool for the signs of scoliosis


Developed by one of the world leaders in scoliosis diagnosis and treatment


Backed by independent research by Macquarie University, Australia


Platform presentation at SOSORT 2018 international spinal conference


Designed to be free for anyone to
use, anytime



We have long known that it is incredibly important
to detect scoliosis as early as possible.

We need to make it routine to examine children’s
spines and if needed, get them the right treatment
at the right time.

With ScoliScreen, a free tool which anyone can use at any time, we hope to improve the long term outcomes for scoliosis sufferers and their families. 



Go to if you are concerned a
friend or 
family member may be at risk of scoliosis

Easy to access

Available at a dedicated URL on any device or computer

Easy to use

8 simple questions in an easy to use interface

Easy to follow up

Can connect you with a qualified scoliosis clinician if needed

Ready to Screen?

ScoliScreen has been created for educational purposes and its aim is to promote scoliosis awareness and the importance of
early detection and treatment. ScoliCare always recommends that you consult a qualified health professional trained
in scoliosis management,regardless of any information provided by this application if you have any concerns.