We love Scoliosis support groups

Living with scoliosis and undergoing treatment can be a long and sometimes difficult journey for patients and their families. At ScoliCare, we know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s important to get good support along the way.

While family and friends are around to provide emotional support, sometimes patients need to talk to someone who is in a similar situation.

Around the world there are peer led groups which aim to give a forum to scoliosis patients to share their experience and give support to each other.

One notable group with chapters worldwide, is Curvy Girls (www.curvygirlsscoliosis.com) – a group for kids with scoliosis, run by kids!

They share tips about coping with the condition, how to talk to other kids about scoliosis, how to adjust clothing styles to work with braces, and most of all they support each other so they don’t feel they’re alone.

ScoliCare highly recommends Curvy Girls to our scoliosis patients, and to parents who also can spend time with each other at their meetings and share their own experiences.

Throughout June this year, we will be supporting Curvy Girls as part of our Scoliosis Awareness Month initiatives. Stay tuned to find out how you can participate and help raise awareness about scoliosis.

Please get in touch if we can assist with any advice or support for you or a family member.