Dr Jeb McAviney presents ScoliCare’s latest Scoliosis Research at the 2019 Spine Society Conference

Dr Jeb McAviney recently presented ScoliCare research at the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Spine Society of Australia (SSA) in the Gold Coast.

This conference promotes the exchange of scientific knowledge amongst those who work in the complex and challenging field of spinal disorders. ScoliCare is committed to pursuing evidenced treatments, collaborating with other leaders in the field, and adding to the body of evidence with our own innovative results as much as possible.

At the event, Dr McAviney presented a ScoliCare research paper entitled “Treatment of degenerative adult scoliosis using a unique 3D over-corrective brace: A case report”.

The presentation highlighted the successful management of a 66-year-old female patient who had developed adult onset scoliosis (Primary degenerative [de novo] scoliosis). The patient was experiencing significant back and leg pain on a daily basis as a result of her scoliosis. These symptoms were interfering with the patient’s normal activities. The patient was prescribed a custom-made, 3D orthosis, made by ScoliCare Clinics, and scoliosis specific exercise/rehabilitation. 

mother and daughter

A follow-up assessment performed 4 months after the brace fitting demonstrated that the patient’s pain levels had dramatically improved, and the leg pain that she was experiencing would completely abate while wearing the brace. While the patient is still under care, these medium-term results suggest that the intervention has been effective in managing symptoms associated with a degenerative scoliosis in this adult patient. 

In addition to the podium presentation, ScoliCare also had four poster presentations accepted at the meeting:

  • Reduction of a severe scoliosis using an over-corrective rigid orthosis in an adolescent female
  • A systematic literature review of bracing treatment for adults with scoliosis
  • The prevalence of adult de novo scoliosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Successful multi-modal treatment of severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosis after failing standard TLSO bracing

The fourth poster on the list above was ranked in the ‘Top 10’ posters submitted to the conference, which is a great result for the ScoliCare research team.

The presentations and posters were well received by the conference attendees, and ScoliCare clinicians Dr Juan Du Plessis and Dr Benjamin Brown were officially inducted as Spine Society of Australia members.  Congratulations Dr Juan and Dr Ben!

If you would like more information about the research papers or ScoliCare’s results, please email research@scolicare.com.