Spinal fusion is often used as a last resort to stop or reverse the rapid progression of a scoliosis. In a progressive case of scoliosis, without some form of treatment the curve/s in the spine usually continue to increase as the patient grows.

The Australian PM has just announced that from midnight tonight all elective surgery, other than category 1 and urgent category 2 cases, will be suspended. Spinal fusion is a category 3, which means patients scheduled for scoliosis surgery will be left to wait while their curve/s potentially worsen.


ScoliCare has been working with scoliosis surgeons over the past 10 years, referring surgical cases out where appropriate, and accepting referrals for patients who are below the surgical threshold, or who choose not to proceed with surgery. Our non-surgical treatment includes scoliosis specific exercise rehabilitation and custom 3D bracing with a corrective approach. Our goal is to stabilise the scoliosis, stop progression, and reduce the curve/s where possible. 

ScoliCare Clinics have success managing scoliosis cases on or above the surgical threshold, including reduction of curves to the point where they may no longer require surgical intervention in some cases. https://www.scolicare.com/cases

If your child has had a scoliosis surgery suspended or delayed and you want to know if a non-surgical alternative to scoliosis surgery could be appropriate instead of waiting, contact us on 1300 883 884 or email patients@scolicare.com.au. Our dedicated team can work with your surgeon to help achieve the best possible outcome and offer support and advice over this difficult period. 


To reduce exposure in this current environment, our clinics also offer Telehealth consultations so that most assessments and advice can be delivered via video conferencing. 


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