Wearing a brace doesn’t mean you have to compromise your personal style! There are many ways you can dress comfortably and fashionably while sticking to your brace wear instructions.

ScoliCare has put together some fashion tips based on the advice from our current patients.


  • Wear T-shirts with a graphic or motif on the front. Button up shirts are also an easy way to hide your brace, as the buttons create some added detail.
  • Shirts and tops with patterns or frills are great if you are wanting to hide your brace as they help distract the eye. Off the shoulder and asymmetrical tops are also very wearable, especially for the warmer months!
  • Chunky knits or a hooded jumper are easy options during winter and easily cover areas where your brace might be more prominent.

Shorts and pants:

  • High-waisted shorts work well with a brace. If you prefer to wear them underneath the brace, opt for a thinner material. Shorts made of a thicker material are better worn over the brace, it might even help to size up for a more comfortable fit!
  • Flowy, hippie pants are great if you are wanting to wear something over your brace. Find a pair with a stretchy waist band and wide legs.
  • Switch out your jeans for jeggings and leggings – the thinner material will prevent the fabric from making indentations into your skin.

Dresses and skirts:

  • Shift dresses are a ‘must have’ for the warmer weather. There are many options available in different colours, patterns and shapes.
  • Maxi dresses and skirts.
  • A-line denim skirts are a popular trend and they work perfectly over a scoliosis brace. Styles that fasten in the centre with buttons or a zip make them easier put on and take off.


Using accessories like scarves, long necklaces and belts can help add detail and definition to your outfit.


School or work uniform:

Some advice that we have received from patients and parents, is to size up your uniform. Some uniforms can be more figure hugging than others so if this is something you’re worried about, simply go for a larger fit.


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