Whether you’re out buying new school shoes and materials or trying to get your head around your child’s new routine, going back to school can be a very exciting and challenging time. It is also a very important opportunity to be aware of your child’s spinal health. Many spinal related issues go unnoticed and ScoliCare would like to share three tips that you can do to ensure your child’s spinal development is effectively monitored!


1. Backpacks

A heavy and uncomfortable backpack can contribute to muscle stress and fatigue. While many people believe that backpacks are a potential cause of scoliosis, this is actually a myth. However, it is still very important that your child wears their backpack correctly to avoid poor posture and back pain!

A couple of tips are:

  • Buy a backpack with wide and adjustable straps
  • Backpacks should be no wider than that child’s chest
  • Wear both straps on shoulders
  • Hips straps help distribute much of the weight and ease the load on the spine and shoulders
  • Pack the heaviest items close to the spine


2. School shoes

Children’s feet are constantly growing, making it very important to have comfortable and supportive school shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause complications with foot growth, skin irritation, flat feet etc. Notably, your child’s posture can also be affected by their school shoes. 

If you’re purchasing new shoes, it’s important to:

  • Take your child with you
  • Look for supportive shoes
  • Pick the correct size and have them properly fitted
  • Try on with the school socks they will be wearing
  • Avoid primarily ‘fashionable’ shoes


3. Posture

The best way to teach your kids about good posture is to demonstrate it yourself. Explain why it’s important to maintain good posture and show them how to stand up straight. Make it fun and challenge them to walk in a line while balancing a book on their head. Most importantly, keep an eye out on their posture for any changes.

If you do notice any changes in your child’s posture, please feel free to contact ScoliCare on 1300 883 884.


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