It is important to have children regularly checked for scoliosis. If detected early enough, there is greater scope for treatment. Children grow very quickly, so familiarising yourself and getting into the habit of checking their posture regularly is crucial.

Many parents detect a change in their child’s posture if it appears that their clothes do not fit properly or sit unevenly. However, commonly scoliosis often isn’t identified by parents until the summer months, with wearing less bulky clothing and their backs on greater display.

Monitoring your child’s growth will help ensure that any changes are recognised and addressed as soon as possible. If treatment is needed, early intervention can mean better results.

Standing Assessment



Blue 1-01

Shoulders asymmetrical

Blue 1-01

Prominent shoulder blade

Blue 1-01

Visible curve

Blue 1-01

Hips asymmetrical

Blue 1-01

Waist asymmetrical


Green 1-01

Upper back hump

Green 1-01

Lower back hump

Forward Bending Assessment

There are now many great resources out there that can help recognise a possible scoliosis. Use ScoliScreen, our free online screening tool (, with your children, friends and family and let ScoliCare know if you have any questions or concerns.

In children, it is so important to recognise these signs early as much can be done to help treat the scoliosis as they grow. If you are concerned you or your child may be at risk of scoliosis, it is important to contact a qualified health professional for a full assessment.

The key to the best outcome is seeking the right treatment at the right time.


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